SPX Johnson Pump is one of the global leading manufacturers of pumps for marine use and well known in the boating industry with over thirty years of marine pump experience.

That is why so many boat owners and leading manufacturers of marine engines and recreational craft trust Johnson Pump to provide solutions for all their pumping needs.

Johnson Pump sells a complete range of marine pumps to cater for boats up to 36 meters in either bare shaft, electric clutch or electric motor drive in both DC. or AC. With the resources of Johnson Pump factories in Sweden, the Nederlands, Belgium, India and the United States we manufacture pumps for ships right up to the largest super tankers.

Johnson Marine products for pleasure and commercial craft are sold all over the world through a network of authorised distributors and affiliated retailers. Unistream Engineering is the authorised Johnson Marine Pump disrtibutor in Singapore and Malaysia.

Livewell Aerating Pumps

Aerating Pumps

Areating Pumps

Twin Port
offer the convenience of using only one intake for both the live well and raw water wash down pump. The ¾” tapered inlet connects directly to the sea cock and the upper outlet port provides a continuous flow of water through the ¾”. discharge to the live well while the lower outlet port connects to the wash down pump through either a ½” or ¾” ports. New high pressure inlet seal easily handles the higher pressures created by high speed pickups commonly used.

Cartridge Aerator Pumps
Livewell pumps in 500 GPH and 750 GPH capacities with two different intake configurations of straight and 90°. Smaller profiles to fit in more confined spaces. Easy to change motor cartridge. Johnson Pump cartridge aerator pumps offer the ease of convenience and years of reliable service.


Download (Pdf) – Livewell Aerating Pumps



Waste Water & Lavatory Systems

Lavatory Systems

The AquaT toilet provides the comfort and convenience of a land-based lavatory at sea, a marine toilet that flushes as quietly as on land.

In combination with the Viking Power 16 or 32 and a Grey Water Tank you will have a complete waste handling system.


Download (Pdf) – Waste Water Handling & Marine Toilets

Deckwash and Refuelling

Johnson Marine Products

F2P10-19, F3B-19, F4B-19, F5B-19 12V or 24V DC & F4B-11 Ultra Ballast 12V & 24V DC. With their high level of flexibility, the DC driven pumps from SPX Johnson Pump can be used for a variety of different applications and are ideal as deck wash pumps. Not to be used for pumping paraffin or other thin petroleum products. They can be combined with a vacuum switch when used as bilge pumps and with a pressure switch for deck wash applications.


Download (Pdf) – Deckwash and Refuelling

Flexible Impellers



A worn or damaged impeller can cause system failure or engine breakdown. Johnson Pump brand impellers are developed and manufactured for maximum flow and long life. With a genuine spare impeller from Johnson Pump, you can also be sure that you are getting the quality required by engine manufacturers and professionals.

Insist on a Johnson Pump brand original impeller in your marine shop! Use the guide below to find the replacement impeller for your Johnson Pump or other flexible impeller pump.


F2 – 

  • Impeller article number 09-1077B-9
  • Nitrile (oil resistant)


F3 –

  • Impeller article number 09-1052S-9
  • Nitrile (oil resistant)

F35 –

  • Impeller article number 09-806B
  • Neoprene (for cooling) replaces Jabsco 4528-0001 Europe & USA
    inner diameter 9,5mm
  • Impeller article number 09-808B
  • Neoprene (for cooling) replaces Jabsco 22405-0001 Europe & USAinner diameter 12mm

F4 –

  • Impeller article number 09-810B
  • Neoprene (for cooling)  replaces Jabsco 18653-0001 Europe & USA
  • Impeller article number 09-810B-9
  • Nitrile (oil resistant)
    inner diameter 12mm
  • Impeller article number 09-1026B –
  • Neoprene (for cooling) replaces Jabsco 673-0001 Europe & USA
  • Impeller article number 09-1026B-9
  • Nitrile (oil resistant) replaces Jabsco 673-0003 Europe & USA
    inner diameter 12,7mm
  • Impeller article number 09-824P
  • Nitrile (oil resistant) replaces Jabsco 6303-0003 Europe & USA


F5 –

  • Impeller article number 09-801B
  • Neoprene (for cooling) replaces Jabsco 4568-0001 Europe & USA
    inner diameter 15,9 mm/key
  • Impeller article number 09-804B-9 Nitrile (oil resistant)
    inner diameter 20 mm/key
  • Impeller article number 09-1027B
  • Neoprene (for cooling) replaces Jabsco 1210-0001 Europe & USA
  • Impeller article number 09-1027B-9
  • Nitrile (oil resistant) replaces Jabsco 1210-0003 Europe & USA


F6 –

  • Impeller article number 09-812B
  • Neoprene (for cooling) replaces Jabsco 13554-0001 USA

F7 –

  • Impeller article number 09-1028B
  • Neoprene (for cooling) replaces Jabsco 17937-0001 Europe & USA
  • Impeller article number 09-1028B-9
  • Nitrile (oil resistant) replaces Jabsco 17937-0003 Europe & USA


F75 –

  • Impeller article number 09-821B
  • Neoprene (for cooling)


F8 –

  • Impeller article number 09-819B
  • Neoprene (for cooling) replaces Jabsco 836-0001 Europe & 17935-0001 USA
  • Impeller article number 09-819B-9
  • Nitrile (oil resistant) replaces Jabsco 836-0003 Europe & 17935-0003 USA
  • Impeller article number 09-1029B
  • Neoprene (for cooling) replaces Jabsco 836-0001 Europe & 17935-001 USA
  • Impeller article number 09-1029B-9
  • Nitrile (oil resistant) replaces Jabsco 836-0003 Europe & 17935-003 USA

F9 –

  • Impeller article number 09-802B
  • Neoprene (for cooling) replaces Jabsco 6760-0001 Europe & USA
  • Impeller article number 09-814B
  • Neoprene (for cooling) replaces Jabsco 21676-0001 Europe & 17936-0001 USA


F95 –

  • Impeller article number 09-820B
  • Neoprene (for cooling)


Download (Pdf) – Flexible Impellers

Water Pressure System

Pressure System

Water Pressure System & Wash Down System

DC Driven Diaphragm Pumps 12V or 24V. SPX Johnson Pump offers a range of DC driven diaphragm pumps to cover the various capacity and pressure needs of the perfect water pressure or deck washing solution for both small and medium sized leisure and commercial boats.

Based on a five-chamber diaphragm design, Johnson Pump DC driven diaphragm pumps provide quiet and pulsation-free operation, even at low speeds.
Accessories, such as an accumulator tank and inlet strainer, are available to ensure effective and reliable system function.


Download (Pdf) – Water Pressure System

Circulation Pumps

Johnson Marine Products

A line of compact magnetic driven centrifugal pumps, CM10 and CM30 and the new as top of the line; CM90, which combine high flow rates with very low electric current consumption, making them ideally suited for circulating fresh water in live fish tanks, heating and cooling systems. C090 with mechanical seal and a motor is designed for continuous operation. Designed for also handling fresh water handling.


Download (Pdf) – Circulation Pumps

Engine Cooling Pumps

Cooling Pumps

Self-priming Flexible Impeller Pumps are ideal for inboard engine cooling systems. Johnson Pump engine cooling pumps are available in a variety of mounting styles and sizes. SPX Johnson Pump is the original equipment pump supplier to the largest manufacturers world-wide of inboard engines. Our FB-9 model series are specially tailor made to engine manufacturers’ specifications regarding design and performance.

  • Flange Mounted Pumps
  • Crank Shaft Pulley Mounted Pumps
  • Belt/Pulley Driven Pedestal Pumps
  • Pump ports available from 3/8″ to 2 1/2″
  • Capacity up to 625 liters/min (9900 gal/hr)

For specific information about your engine cooling pump, check the part number on the pump cover.

Spare Parts
Wearing parts such as wear plate, cam, endcover and impeller are easily replaceable and service kits are available for all standard models.


Download (Pdf) – Engine Cooling Pumps

Flexible Impeller Pumps

Impeller Pumps

Self-priming flexible Impeller pumps

With an electro-magnetic clutch you will have pumping power whenever needed, at a push of a button, without being at the pump. Combined with a vacuum switch from Johnson Pump (recommended for bilge pump application), the clutch will automatically disengage whenever the pump starts priming air, thereby preventing dry running and pump damage.

Automatically controlled pumps are available in sizes from 1″ to 2.1/2″ (20 L/min to 625 L/min), with clutches in 12 or 24 volts. Wearing parts are easily replaceable and service kits are available for all standard models. Vacuum Switch as extra accessory.


Download (Pdf) – Flexible Impeller Pumps

Bilge Pumps

Johnson Pump

By choosing the Johnson Pump brand range of submersible bilge pumps you will not be disappointed. Combined with low cost and easy installation, these pumps have heavy duty motors with stainless steel shafts and tough thermoplastic bodies. With a variety of mounting options and capacities a Johnson Pump brand submersible pump can handle most of your bilge pump applications.

Johnson Pump brand submersible bilge pumps can be fitted with a Johnson Pump automatic switch or electronic float switch for automatic operation. The Johnson Pump bilge pump control panel also allows you to run the pumps manually.

Submersible bilge pumps are not self-priming and must be installed in the deepest part of the bilge.


Download (Pdf) – Bilge Pumps